CREACIONES de ENCARGO, SA. -  Official USA Licensee for Imperial Cerveza Sportswear and Gifts
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Creaciones de Encargo brings you a very diverse selection of IMPERIAL
CERVEZA, ACCESSORIES and GIFT items.  In addition, we offer authentic deco, antique, retro, and limited edition products that will become valuable in years to come as well as handsome decorations for any office, den, or rec room and for the Breweriana Collector.
With such a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you will find Products for friends and family.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about ordering or a product description.  Be sure to get on our email and mailing list by filling out the contact form.  You will be glad you did!!!  Membership in The IMPERIAL CLUB will make available to you limited edition items, large discounts on all your purchases, and where legal, coupons to be used at your favorite retailer for La Cerveza De Costa Rica!  Your local Imperial Beer Distributor will have our products for their use and promotions.  You may contact them to see which items they carry or where the next promotion may be to pick up some FREEBIES!  In addition, they will provide you a list of Retailers in your area which carry IMPERIAL CERVEZA. 
Our Officially Licensed Products are available through Creaciones De Encargo, our designated retailers, or your local IMPERIAL BEER distributor.  This insures you that you are purchasing only Officially Licensed Products approved by the Imperial Brewery and Productora La Florida, S.A.  Costa Rica.  If you find unlicensed products being sold in your area, call us toll free at 888-400-6532, email us, or write us for a handsome reward! You will remain anonymous....  Pura Vida!
We hope to see you again! Check back later for the updates to our website. You will be amazed with what is to come!